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What is PTSD, and how can powersports help?

If you are reading this blog, chances are you have an idea of what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is. PTSD is defined as blah blah blah... everyone has a dictionary. If it was that easy, everyone could understand it. In case you would like to read what the actual definition is click HERE.

What people don't understand is there is no one simple definition for PTSD. It is unique for everyone and effects everyone's lives differently. PTSD can turn you into a hermit, making you hide from everyone including yourself. PTSD can morph you into a monster, making you someone that not even your own mother can recognize. It is simply put, an asshole.

If you can't figure this out by now, let me tell you. This isn't going to be your average PTSD blog. I don't want you to get on here and start reading and turn away. I wan't this to be relatable. I want you to understand this is being typed by someone who is in your same shoes. I am not some random schmuck trying to force feed you information you have already heard from other place. I want you purely to know that you are not alone.

In order for you to understand how powersports can help with PTSD I feel like I should tell how it helped me. I was recently medically retired due to injuries sustained from deployments. Upon getting out of the military I found myself completely lost. Not physically, I knew where the damn beer was in the fridge, however I felt disconnected from a sense of passion. At this point I had been seeing a counselor at the VA, for a few years with little to no effect. Its not that I wasn't listening to what was being said or applying it on my own, its just that it never clicked. No matter how many pills I tried or hours of counseling I never could understand why I had lost the person I was. During the end of my military carrier and after, I had gotten into off-roading and it always helped to make me feel whole. I eventually learned that the real therapy I needed wasn't in an office talking with someone behind a desk, it was clearing my head by pressing that throttle.

Now I am not saying stop going to counseling, buy yourself a UTV and start ripping around. I am saying that maybe you should consider the thought of coupling your counseling with powersports. Sine Pari Motorsports is a perfect blend of counseling and powersports. We at Sine Pari Motorsports are just like you, we have dealt with the status quo of going to counseling. We understand that for some that is enough, but for most you are left hanging with pill bottles on your counter and a whole lot of questions.

Sine Pari Motorsports provides you with an opportunity to challenge yourself again. Push it a little further than you thought you could, because you are still capable of doing amazing things. Sine Pari Motorsports would have change my life for the better if it had been around when I first got out of the military. It could have saved me many nights of wondering why I was so "different" from everyone else. Instead of wondering what was wrong with me, I could have been talking it through on the side of a track or a trail with like minded people like myself.

If you liked this please let us know. If you have suggested topics we are open to discussing what ever can help.

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