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You will NEVER be that cool again

Whether we want to admit it or not, wearing the uniform made us feel strong and that we were a person worthy of notice. That thought process was drilled into our heads during every type of training. We were taught that the uniform we wore, was powerful. It demanded respect from everyone, especially from those who were wearing it. This mindset is essential, and it must be instilled within all ranks of the military. It helps foster a climate of dignity and respect. However, what does it do to us when its time to hang up the uniform, and rejoin the civilian populous which we swore to protect?

Transitioning from the military is arguably one of the most difficult situations a service member will face. Some people think that physically it doesn't present life threatening situations. It's not like engaging in direct combat with the enemy, which is true. It does however present new challenges that still pose a threat to the life of the former service men and woman. Moving back to civilian life tends to create a void. This void without proper treatment and understanding is usually filled with drugs, alcohol and bad decisions. We believe that this void is one of the leading causes of depression and inevitably Veteran suicide.

So how can we fix this? Well there really is no simple fix to anything in life. However the start to "fixing" it, is realizing that even without the uniform on you are still someone noteworthy. Easier said than done, we know. You have dedicated a portion of your life to civil service, which is something so many people will never do. You were willing to stop what you had going on in your own little bubble, and help serve our great nation. For most, we joined knowing we would be deployed to hostile environments. That we would see and do things that would change us forever. We need to not loose track of who we are and what we have accomplished. When we no longer wear the uniform we no longer have the immediate satisfaction of feeling proud. That does not mean we can't feel proud. We still have the ability to affect others in a positive manner.

Join the Sine Pari Motorsports team by being active in our social media and blog posts. Create conversations and use our group to help solidify these positive thoughts, when you are going through tough times. Lift up our fellow Veterans and First Responders, by letting them know they aren't alone. That is how we start to "fix" these issues.

You might never be that cool again and that's OK, we get it. Neither will we!

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