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Jeremy is a native of West Virginia and enlisted in the Army at the age of 17. Jeremy spent 12 years in a Special Missions Unit deploying globally until he was medically retired due to injuries he had sustained in combat. Once retired, Jeremy felt like he’d lost the focus and camaraderie he had while in the military. After participating in a national racing series he rediscovered those missing pieces. Upon completing his first season Jeremy decided to shift his focus to provide other veterans the same opportunity to join the racing community that he was afforded. Sine Pari Motorsports was born.



Brandon was born in Akron, Ohio within a close-knit family. Brandon’s father was a deputy sheriff for his local county, providing him guidance on the importance of service and commitment. Brandon chose to enlist in the Ohio Army National Guard at the age of 17. Brandon has had multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, serving as both an operations NCO and a flight engineer on CH-47 Chinooks. Due to injuries sustained on deployment Brandon was medically retired in 2018. Returning to the civilian lifestyle Brandon felt a deep loss, stripped of a sense of purpose and passion. Turning to the off-road community Brandon found both exhilaration and the determination to better himself. His goal is to help others achieve the same.




Born in New York City and raised in Cresskill, NJ, Jonathan Lombardo has been involved in the racing community for over 30 years.  From a young age, he began to grow into the professional motocross rider he became as a license holder from 1993 to 2005.  Simultaneously, while training, he became an active participant in the mountain biking community – where he won multiple state championships in cross country, placed within the top ten at nationals on four occasions and garnered over 100 race wins.  His recent pursuits have been as a competitive shooter sponsored by Pet Apocalypse, where he has placed at the top of the Masters division in the Tactical Games and as an Elite competitor several times over.  He runs Lombardo Excavating Inc., a successful demolition and site-work company, is engaged to be married to a very lucky lady and is a doting father to 4 growing boys, 2 dogs and 1 horse.

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